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Felicidades for Paquita & Mambo

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Mambo our funny loving male donkey arrived in his new home last week to be with a new friend, lo and behold it turns out to be a female donkey called Paquita, who we then find out was previously Marietta, brought to APAC a few years ago, with her head tied to her foot (to stop her running away).

Marietta, spend quite a few months at APAC recovering and having some fabulous treatment by Tonia Sheriff (Osteopath to humans and horses) to help Marietta with the pain of taking her bindings off and her head being in a new position, we can’t imagine the pain this poor old donkey suffered.

But what a happy ending, both Paquita as she is now called and Mambo are enjoying a fantastic life together in a new home on the Costa Blanca.

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