Lord 22 Year Old Blind Gelding

approx 190cm height

Lord was brought to us here at the APAC Yard with his seeing partner Lucio, they are never apart and Lucio takes good care of Lord. When they first arrived Lord guided Lucio around the new paddock and made sure he knew the way around before he left Lord’s side. Lord has no sight at all in one eye and a very very limited amount in the other. (he can smell a carrot a mile off i have to add) They both came together from a riding school which closed down last year north of us in the direction of Valencia. Lord was the partner horse with Lucio driving a carriage. In their hey day they were an amazing sight to see 2 huge black horses, strong and with an amazing presence, sadly brought to us in a very thin neglected state. Lord had the worst teeth the dentist had ever seen so maybe that was a contributing factor to his lack of weight.

Now he is much bigger and regaining his strength, he enjoys his freedom outside and knows his way around the paddock, he just needs slight guidance at feeding time to ensure he knows where his food is. He is a lovely horse loves to get an ear run and a carrot, We are looking forward to seeing what the next years brings for you in better health Lord.