Lucio 18 Year Old Gelding

Lucio was brought to us with his blind partner horse Lord, from a stable outside Valencia, he was very thin and in need of care as the stables where he had been used as a riding school horse had closed down and he needed to be re-homed alongside his blind friend Lord. He is a beautiful boy, very big and eats a huge amount, he has been with us here at the APAC Yard for about 5 months now and has settled in to life here very well. He lives in an outdoor paddock with his blind partner who he guides Lord and a pony called Casanova, a mare called Turka and now our new boy Cosmos. They all get along fine apart from the odd squabble over food, Lucio is a big boy and definitely the boss, he can be quite pushy but overall has the kindest nature.

Lois rode Lucio on his first outing to the blessing of San Antonio in Denia and he behaved like a star, nothing spooked him and he was a perfect gentleman. Looking forward to seeing you on many other outings Lucio.