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20 plus year old Female Donkey

Marietta was found on the streets in Calpe, obviously after running away, her head was tied to her foot, obviously to try and prevent this, she was in a terrible way, so very thin, coat all matted and scruffy, terrible teeth and eyes and had lived for quite a long time in this terrible position. She was taken to a local stables and cared for there initially and then brought to APAC.

She was released from her bindings and treated by the osteopath Toni Sheriff, to help her with her terrible pain in her back and neck after being given the freedom to move again. Jacobo the Farrier came and help shorten her poor overgrown hooves, then John the dentist was called and sadly 4 teeth had to be taken out as they were completely rotten from such a bad diet, and her eye infection has slowly been treated. She is now gaining weight and much happier wandering freely around our yard, being well fed and playing with the other horses.

He pervious owner has made lots of calls demanding that she be given back, he sadly cannot see what the problem with his care was and feels she should be returned, obviously we will not let this happen but on the down side I am sure he will just acquire another animal to be treated with total ignorance. Lucky for Marietta like all the animals at APAC, it won’t be her.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported her progress so far x