We have a strict procedure for adopting our rescue horses, our philosophy is:

Adopting a horse is not about acquiring a cheap horse, it is about saving the horse.

First you must join our Association which involves a finical cost of 15 euros per year

Make an application to tell us what kind of horse would be suitable for your needs, your level of riding experience, the premises you have available to home the horse and if you are financially secure enough to meet the costs of feeding and caring for the horse.

Following your application if the above information is satisfactory we would make an inspection of the premises you have  available.

Following a successful application of the above we would contact you when a horse meeting your requirements became available.

We ask a donation price of the following upon successful adoption.

400 euros – for rideable horses under the age of 15 years

300 euros – for horses over the age of 15 years

For companion horses we only ask for you to cover the cost of transporting the horse.

If you have a serious interest in offering a loving home for one of our horses please contact us.