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Pometa 9 year old Mare (pony)

Over a year and half ago Pometa had escaped from her owners and then been abandoned in Pedreguer, Alicante.

She was then attacked by a pack of dogs and some very serious life threatening injuries. APAC received a call from the local Police asking us to interveen and help the pony who we thought was on the verge of death so bad were here injuries.

Along with Equivet, Lois rushed to the sene and Pometa’s outlook was very bleak, with the whole of her tail missing and a lot of her back end badly damaged it was a long night for Sonia from Eqivet to try to save her. But lo and behold she made it through the night and over the following weeks started to make her recovery.

Now she has a very happy life, sadly minus her tail and a large open area gaping in her rear end, but everything functions well enough she is just not a pretty sight and she still plays with any of the dogs who visit the APAC yard. Truly a lovely fun pony.


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