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Luz is a 10 year old Mare, she has been homed by APAC for over 3 years. She was rescued from a  fallen down house with her foal from a village not far from Javea, Alicante area.  The house where she was living had rubble all over the floor where the roof had collapsed, it flooded when it rained and she was fending for herself and her foal.

After a denouncia from the from the Guardia Civil, Luz was placed in another stable but was later found to be badly injured with cuts on her side and her foal had been sold, she was then given to APAC to be taken care of.

Now she has a happy life, she has a lovely nature, quite bossy and is quite often in charge of the herd and she has been ridden, my own daughter has ridden her bare back with only a head collar and rope.

Luz is ready for adoption and looking for her forever home, if you are interested in helping Luz please contact us.


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