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Pili, (Pilar) as she was first rescued by APAC back in October 2013, after a call from the Guardia Civil, as she had been abandoned near Benidorm with a broken knee, very thin and left to fend for herself and survived being alone for 8 months.

Now enjoying some peaceful rest and relaxation with her hay in the sunshine.  Your donations help horses like Pili receive the veterinary and blacksmith care needed awell as an ample suppy of food everyday.


Sadly we lost Pili in June 2015 her health was failing badly and he balance was so precarious everyday Lois wondered if she was to fall how she would ever get up. On the bright side she had an extra year we never believed would be possible and a lovely life filled with love, you were a fighter Pili and much loved by Lois. Enjoy your time now with no pain and being able to walk and run again xx


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