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Help The Horses Back To Their Field.

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Sadly we have lost the field ajacent to the APAC Yard, in La Xara, Denia where our current 26 rescue horses are turned out, the owner would like to sell the field and while he is looking for a buyer has asked for the horses to be removed.

At the moment the herd of horses are spilt into 3 groups using different kindly donated fields of land around the area, although the horses are ok in this respect, it is a great struggle logistically having them all apart.

The problems we are maily seeing are horses who need more care and supervision are not getting the constant time they need, we dont see if they are eating correctly or being included in the herd or the older weaker ones being excluded from the group.
Feeding time is now very complicated as 3 plus times a day doing the rounds of three differnt places is time consuming and not an easy task, on the sadder side the food that was donated to us and now stored outside the fields are being stolen! Just unbelievable people stealing our hay but as the horses fields are not visible to us we cant monitor this problem.
The horses themsleves are missing all the attention they used to get from all of our volounteers and of course Lois.

We are trying to raise the money now to buy the field and bring the horses home all together again.
We hope you can support us in any way. Thank You x