APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

APAC Rescue Horses Calendar 2019

Our Calendar 2019 is now available to buy, at 10 euros, please email me (apacprotectora@gmail.com) or WhatsApp me (+34 699255255) if you would like to support the Rescue Horses and own one of these gorgeous 2019 Calendars. We can ship worldwide or anywhere in Spain. They are also on sale in Javea at The Salamandra Charity Shop or can be collected from APAC Caballos Rescue Centre in La Xara Denia.

A huge Thank You to Katie & her Team at SR Print  & Design in Ondara for all their help and support in printing.


Help Peppa Pig & Jennifer Lopez

Due to a stable owner selling their premises, a new home has had to be found with very limited time  to relocate 10 horses, 1 pony & 1 donkey. Transport is currently being arranged for the horses but Peppa Pig the Pony & Jennifer Lopez the Donkey are proving difficult.

We originally were trying to find homes for a rescue pony & rescue donkey but it is so sad that they have to be separated from their herd and we worry where they will end up and with who.
So we are desperately trying to raise some or all of the money towards the cost of the transport for these two beloved pets to the United Kingdom  from Spain.

Both of them were rescued together 2 years ago.

The pony “Peppa pig” who was extremely over weight has excessively cow hocks and splayed hooves. Although it does not look like it she has lost a lot of weight. She can walk trot and canter when she wants and shows no signs of pain. (Vet certificate recently) she has a sweet temperament and is a kind girl.

The Donkey “Jennifer lopez” could not walk when got her, her feet where curly and she spent a week on the floor no able to move after lots of TLC she is all good! She does suffer with a slight skin problem but only if she is stabled! Bit of sudo cream normally sorts it out.

Both are under 10 and passported and chipped on a reg and would be happy in their new home in the UK.


Dudoso Felicidades

Dudoso has now been adopted and is in his new home and meeting his new field companion “Africa”.

A great day for you Dudoso with your new family,  final felicidades it has been a long time coming.

Many thanks to Silvia  for opening your heart and helping this poor horse find a forever home.

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  • Dudoso in his New Home





New Life for Manolo

Manolo our Male donkey getting spoilt by Ronnie with carrots and loving his new life after being castrated with the help of our Supporters xx


!Cuddly Cats Needing A Home!

We have two (owner no longer wants them) male cats – so so cuddly, gorgeous fluffy 1 year old brothers and they desperately need a home.
They have always lived inside but are currently enjoying sunbathing on a terrace so if you had a small enclosed garden I am sure they would be happy to explore a little.

Please contact me if you can offer them a nice home apacprotectora@gmail.com whatsapp – 699255255

Its A KnockOut – Awaiting New Date!


Apasa, Apac, Javea Feral Cat Association and Javea Connect have got their paws, hooves and heads together to host a family fun day with a big difference, on Saturday 20th October at Font Santa in Teulada.
We now need teams of people ( families and local businesses) who are game for a laugh and who want to take part in a few hours of rather silly ( but easy) games to compete for the priceless Knockout Trophy and Diploma, which would look rather cool in your front room or displayed with pride in your shop window! 😉

For those not competing, it will be a great spectator day plus there will be hot and cold food stalls, BBQ and obviously liquid refreshments all at reasonable prices ( proceeds all going to the 3 charities involved).

We are looking for teams of up to 10 people to enter the contest, but not all team members will be required to play all games. You pick your most suitable players for each round while the rest of the team cheer them on.

The games themselves will mostly remain a surprise, but, for example, we will be having a “Flip-Flop Fling” and a “Feed The Baby Slalom” 😀 . The games also include a couple which are not hugely exerting so even grannie can take part!

“The contest will be an ideal team building and bonding exercise for local businesses, groups or sports teams as well as raising funds for a good cause.

Team Info….

€20 per Team maximum 10 people.

Each Team will be asked to bring a mascot or “Joker” This will be used in one game of your choice, to double your points! You can have a toy mascot or dress up one of your team for a real live joker 😆

Teams are encouraged to come along either in fancy dress or dressed in similar colours or company shirts. If you come in fancy dress, you will be awarded extra points for the effort.

Teams will need to register, preferably beforehand hand as we do need certain props to feature in the events and we want to ensure we have enough to go around. Payment can, however, be made on the day.

Each Team must bring one Bucket & Spade 😉

“Team registration is just €20 per team and all money raised will be shared between Apasa, Apac and JFCS. Anyone from 8 to 80 years can take part, regardless of age or fitness levels, in a safe, fun and entertaining environment. Join forces with friends, family or colleagues to complete wacky and wonderful challenges A ‘let’s go for it’ attitude and a sense of humour is all you need, and if that all sounds too much, just bring the family along for a fun afternoon of entertainment. An small entry fee of 1.00 euro will be charged for spectators.

Enter your team now by contacting Teresa Sawdy at Apasa by email at teresas.apasa@gmail.com. Or you can call Loraine at Javea Connect on 683178070.

Felipe & Manolo – Living A Better Life

Felipe & Manolo were castrated last week and now much happier. 594€ was raised to help pay for the operations – we can’t Thank Everyone enough 🐎❤️


APAC September Fair

A Great Day Out!
Free Entrance
Stalls with Handbags / Jewellery / Cards / Watches / Plants / Fancy Goods and more……….
Free Parking
Refreshments, Drinks & Snacks Available

For more information please phone Pat 626 923 869


Dudoso – Looking for a Home

Looking for a Forever Home.

This horse has just recently come back to our attention – he has been looking for a home for many years. He is a very friendly horse but lives alone without too much TLC in Javea.
He is fed and has water but would very much appreciate some quality of life and love for his last years.

Very friendly and desperately looking for a forever home with some love and attention.
He is an older horses and has lived alone outside with no companionship or human contact apart from visitors through the fence for a long time.
Great as a companion horse or a family who would love him and offer him some TLC.

Anyone have a little bit of turn out could offer him a home as a companion horse? Or just open your heart and help him?

Contact me: whatsapp 699255255 / apacprotectora@gmail.com

Iceland Javea – (Overseas Imports SL)

APAC Rescue Horses with our main supporter Pat Mccue and Iceland Staff of Javea who help our rescue horses with events and promoting our charity buckets on their checkouts,  last emptied at a grand total of 106.06 euros 13p and a hair clip ! Thank You Iceland Shoppers!!!

Heatwave & Our Horses

As the temperatures soar in Spain to over 40 degrees our horses are taking naps and keeping cool. Please ensure your horses & animals always have access to fresh, clean, cool (not freezing) water 24 /7 and plenty of shade.

We do receive lots of phone calls from concerned passers-by of horses that are in distress in our field, they do love to sunbathe that’s for sure, but its always good to know people are concerned and we always have to double check lol usually the horses give us a glare at being woken up from a fabulous snooze zzzzzzz

Gordy – Still Looking for his Forever Home

Yes Bartender, id like a Gin & Tonic please and be quick about it….. it’s very hot thirsty work a dogs life don’t you know 😉 – Gordy our rescue puppy still looking for his forever home #adoptme


Looking for a Home.

Desperately looking for a new home 12 yr old unridden mare. Please call Patrizia – +34 676 00 82 13 for more information.

Selena – Update

Selena the poor starved old girl we brought to APAC Rescue Horses from Oliva is looking so much better. Slow transformation but wow we can see results! Makes all the hard and sad bits of our what APAC does so worthwhile


Curio & Lucio – New Friends

Little & Large!

Finally Lucio (the seeing partner of our blind horse Lord) is happy he has his little follower with him everywhere he goes and he is loving his role as Big Brother & Protector. The poor goat Rosy got a telling off by Lucio for butting Curio, as your big bro should lol. Little Curio who obviously wants to grow up into a big boy too.


The poor Mare now named Selena, named for one of our supporters from Aberdeen, Scotland who was the first person to kindly send a donation to help this poor old girl. She was abandoned in Oliva, Alicante and now newly arrived at APAC Caballos Rescue Horse’s Yard and getting a little brush to take some of the old winter coat off and freshen her up a little.

So sad that any animal has to go though this but we are feeling hopeful that with so much support in a few months this picture will tell a different story.

Please follow us on Facebook APAC Caballos and Like, Share & Comment on our Posts – helping support our Page and Our Horses – Thank You.


Meet “Selena”

And here “She” is !!! The poor (not a boy) uncared for Mare in Oliva – Welcome to your new home, can’t wait to watch your transformation.











Please Help Us Help Him!

Look at this horse apparently 10 years old in Oliva the owners don’t want him anymore!!!!! Absolutely heart breaking 😞
Please donate to APAC Caballos and help make a difference 5€ per month by 20 people can help us help him 😞

We are full to the brim we have no government support we feed our horses by our own work and the help of our supporters. Please help.

Casanova, Paca, Chispa & Xana

    Because every Horse & Donkey should be loved by a little girl once in their life x And our Poni Club Kid Xana makes sure they all are xx

  Porque todos los caballos marecen ser amada al menos una vez en su vida por una niña Y Xana, una de nuestras peques del poni club se encarga que todos lo están xx


Photos by Sara Gonzalez – fotosymascotas@gmail.com



Peanut & Curio

Some beautiful pictures of our little abandoned pony Peanut & her new baby Curio, taken by our IT support Paul Ash from Fresh Frog Design Javea.

Peanut has an old injury on her leg where it had been broken and left to set alone, she was brought to APAC Rescue Centre after being found wandering abandoned in the road and lol and behold a rather chubby Peanut presented us with a complete surprise early one morning last month. And what a fabulous Mum she is to her baby boy Curio short for Curiosity.

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