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Mambo – Escape Artist – No 1!

An update from Mambo in his new home, doing his Steve McQueen antics again. Escape artist no 1  Naughty Boy!

Remember this monkey, broke a few fences in the night, now safely back behind bars! #sorrynotsorry !!






Mambo In His New Home

We say Goodbye to our rescue Donkey Mambo and happy to have him adopted with his new mum Sarah and waiting for him at his new home is a new donkey friend Lupita :))

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Snoozy Sunbathing!

What a gorgeous day on the Costa Blanca yesterday, beautiful sunshine and a light breeze – great day for a little snoozy sunbathing ahh Mambo 🙂 Cosmo is like wake up I want to play!!!


Mambo & Cosmo

Great Pic of Mambo & Cosmo – Best friends, always side by side.



Coffee with Mambo our new Donkey

Ohhh what you drinking? Coffee…..mmmmm I think I like coffee…..No you don’t like coffee……Give me some……Noooooooo……..ok Ill just eat you then LOL

Mambo you are one crazy Donkey x

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Our newsiest arrival Mambo!! Welcome to your new home 

Os presento a Mambo. Llego el Sábado!