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Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

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Curio & Lucio – New Friends

Little & Large!

Finally Lucio (the seeing partner of our blind horse Lord) is happy he has his little follower with him everywhere he goes and he is loving his role as Big Brother & Protector. The poor goat Rosy got a telling off by Lucio for butting Curio, as your big bro should lol. Little Curio who obviously wants to grow up into a big boy too.

Lord (our blind horse) out in the Field

Here is Lord (our blind horse) finally outside enjoying his new friends and a huge area to explore. Thanks to The Salamandra Charity Shop Javea donating new fencing to keep him safe Lord can now have some freedom and enjoy being out with the herd :))) what a happy boy he is xx


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As The Temperature Soars!

As the temperature soars Lucio (the seeing partner ) & Lord (our blind rescue horse) enjoy a cool refreshing shower at the end of the day – pure bliss :)))


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New Fly Masks

Thank You Anna McVittie for bringing some good quality Fly Masks back from her travels to keep the horses eyes free of irritating bugs! Seen here with our happy demonstrators Lucio & Lord.



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