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Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

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Furia – Before & After

A mare we gave a home to, who had been abandoned in a local stable by her owner. The stables kindly kept the horse and helped her gain some weight as she was so skinny but after proving mentally she was a very complicated horse, and not suitable for work at the stable she came to us. She is much calmer now and learning her paces, she needs lots of patience and love, with a huge amount of understanding, but would make a great horse for an experienced, calm rider.

Furia –  Antes y Después

Una yegua que acogimos quien había sido abandonada por su dueño en una cuadra local. La cuadra mantuvieron a la yegua y la ayudaron a ganar un poco de peso, ya que estaba tan flaca, pero, después de probarla, se dieron cuenta de que era una yegua mentalmente complicada y no apta para clases así que la acogimos. Ahora esta mucho más tranquila pero necesita mucha paciencia y amor, pero para un jinete experimentado y estable, seria perfecta.


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2a Trobada Canina

Join us on at our APAC Stand on Saturday 28th June from 6pm on the Paseo Oliva.


There will be a dog competitions, exhibitions, stalls and much more………….


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