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Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

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Bakero :)

Here is Bakero our 34 year old half starved, abandoned horse, still very skinny but so totally enjoying his life and our volunteers who take such good care of him 🐴








This is Bakero, 34 years old and at APAC for over a week now. He is slowly beginning to walk again and be able to move freely after being confined to a stable box, he is very stiff and so desperately underweight but hopefully in time we will see a huge improvement.
We are urgently looking for a sponsor who can help donate towards his 100€ per month food bill and eventually a loving home where he can live out his last years. Please contact us if you can help Bakero at apacprotectora@gmail.com thank you 🐴❤️


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Bakero, our newest poor boy to arrive at APAC Protectora. He is 34yrs old, abandoned and unwanted by his owner and desperately needs some love and care in his last years. If you could offer him a quite loving home please contact us.

Here he is after a week of settling in having his feet trimmed and his teeth filed back to help him eat easier and hopefully gain a little weight to his very skinny frame, poor unwanted boy. Thank you to our Farrier Jacobo and Dentist John and his wife Roberta for all the time you donate to helping these horses be more comfortable.


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