A Fabulous Morning of Photography for You, Your family, Your Pets and Your Loved Ones!!

Sara Gonzalez from Fotos y Mascotas will be at APAC Rescue Horses Sunday morning 27th May 10-1pm taking her spectacular pictures.
You will be able to choose your favourite shots and purchase them for 3 euros per Foto. The Fotos will then be emailed directly to you, as many or a little as you would like.

A percentage of the price of your pictures will be donated to APAC Rescue Horses to help with their food and care.

Tapas & Drinks available for 1 euro each.

You are very welcome to bring your pets to enjoy this amazing opportunity, we only ask that all animals be on a lead and under control. No pets will be allowed to roam free without supervision due to the high levels of animals visiting, thank you for your Attention 🙂

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