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Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

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Help Peppa Pig & Jennifer Lopez

Due to a stable owner selling their premises, a new home has had to be found with very limited time  to relocate 10 horses, 1 pony & 1 donkey. Transport is currently being arranged for the horses but Peppa Pig the Pony & Jennifer Lopez the Donkey are proving difficult.

We originally were trying to find homes for a rescue pony & rescue donkey but it is so sad that they have to be separated from their herd and we worry where they will end up and with who.
So we are desperately trying to raise some or all of the money towards the cost of the transport for these two beloved pets to the United Kingdom  from Spain.

Both of them were rescued together 2 years ago.

The pony “Peppa pig” who was extremely over weight has excessively cow hocks and splayed hooves. Although it does not look like it she has lost a lot of weight. She can walk trot and canter when she wants and shows no signs of pain. (Vet certificate recently) she has a sweet temperament and is a kind girl.

The Donkey “Jennifer lopez” could not walk when got her, her feet where curly and she spent a week on the floor no able to move after lots of TLC she is all good! She does suffer with a slight skin problem but only if she is stabled! Bit of sudo cream normally sorts it out.

Both are under 10 and passported and chipped on a reg and would be happy in their new home in the UK.


Felipe & Manolo – Living A Better Life

Felipe & Manolo were castrated last week and now much happier. 594€ was raised to help pay for the operations – we can’t Thank Everyone enough 🐎❤️


Please Help Us Help Him!

Look at this horse apparently 10 years old in Oliva the owners don’t want him anymore!!!!! Absolutely heart breaking 😞
Please donate to APAC Caballos and help make a difference 5€ per month by 20 people can help us help him 😞

We are full to the brim we have no government support we feed our horses by our own work and the help of our supporters. Please help.

Our Blue Boxes!

Rain 🌧 = Mud
It’s that time of year again that we here at APAC all dread – too much RAIN!!!!!

Thank you to Joanne Delay & Pat Mccue for our blue boxes that make it posible to feed the horses in the bad weather. We are so grateful to The Salamandra Charity Shop Javea for buying us the boxes and all of the many donations they given us!!
Thank you sooooo much ladies 🐴

Fundraising Plea

APAC Caballos Rescue Horse Centre – we are desperatley trying to raise 4000 Euros to enable us to buy a van with a towbar making life more efficient for us in collecting and delivering our Rescue Horses, Dogs, Cats, Food Deliveries etc etc.
At the moment we spend all our time begging and borrowing transport and relying on other people which makes life very slow and complicated.

Having our own transport would make our response time for our rescue horses and animals much quicker.

We are looking for sponsors to help raise this money to buy ths van and in return we will advertise their logo and publish all conatct details on our Facebook Pages & Website.

Thank You on behalf of all of our rescue animals.


Support Our Fundraising

Fiestas La Sella, Javea

A huge Thank You to Janis Kathleen Goldring and the organisers of The La Sella Fiestas, here they are presenting a wonderful cheque for 500€ to Lois Ford at APAC Rescue Horses. xx

Teaming – Just 1 Euro a Month

Teaming – Just 1 Euro a Month

For just 1€ a month you can help us to save animals’ life!
Teaming is micro-donations platform where the entire donation goes straight to our rescue centre.
The same price you pay for a coffee !
It’s really easy to make the donation and you can do it anywhere in Europe, click on the following link:

Por tan solo 1€ al mes nos ayudas a salvar vidas.
Teaming es una plataforma de microdonaciones en el que el importe íntegro de lo recaudado se destina al santuario. ¡Por menos de lo que cuesta un café 1€ al mes!
Es muy sencillo y puedes hacerlo desde cualquier lugar de Europa, sólo tienes que entrar aquí:

Thank You!

Small acts of kindness go such a long way.
Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts to help feed these poor starving horses. I cant thank you all enough  It is a short term solution-we know but over the next 2 months APAC Rescue Horses are working so hard to help find new homes for as many of these horses as we can.

Please share our posts and help me reach as many people as we can. Thank You Everyone from the bottom of my heart ❤️🐴

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Help Needed.

I am trying to raise 800 euros to buy a full wagon load of straw to help a man who has 46 horses and has fallen on hard times. He is a good honest person, and he himself will starve before he puts a mouthful of food in his mouth before these horses have been fed.

I desperately want to help all these poor animals and one wagon would give them enough food to eat well until the man can get himself together a little.

They are all for sale at reasonable offers, to help bring his numbers and food bill down, they are all lovely natured and very calm but due to a bad winter and lack of food are now not looking their best.

Could anyone help me to help him feed these horses and stop them starving to death? Any donation will help. Thank you Jxxx

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Follow the link below to follow our campaign to help raise the 20,000 euros we need to buy the field and return the horses home.




Help The Horses Back To Their Field.

Sadly we have lost the field ajacent to the APAC Yard, in La Xara, Denia where our current 26 rescue horses are turned out, the owner would like to sell the field and while he is looking for a buyer has asked for the horses to be removed.

At the moment the herd of horses are spilt into 3 groups using different kindly donated fields of land around the area, although the horses are ok in this respect, it is a great struggle logistically having them all apart.

The problems we are maily seeing are horses who need more care and supervision are not getting the constant time they need, we dont see if they are eating correctly or being included in the herd or the older weaker ones being excluded from the group.
Feeding time is now very complicated as 3 plus times a day doing the rounds of three differnt places is time consuming and not an easy task, on the sadder side the food that was donated to us and now stored outside the fields are being stolen! Just unbelievable people stealing our hay but as the horses fields are not visible to us we cant monitor this problem.
The horses themsleves are missing all the attention they used to get from all of our volounteers and of course Lois.

We are trying to raise the money now to buy the field and bring the horses home all together again.
We hope you can support us in any way. Thank You x

Thank You Andrew Ward!

A WHOPPING 705€ brought to Spain by Kim Nightingale on behalf of her brother Andy Ward which he raised on in aid of APAC Caballos last year in his Ironman Challenge.

Absolutely amazing thank you so much!!!!! 


Our Old Friend Curro

Our lovely supported Kim Nightingale with our old friend Curro xx Thank you for all your kindness to the rescue horses over the years Kim, you are amazing xx



Teaming – Support a rescue horse for just 1 euro a month.

I had a fab day out visiting 10 of the APAC rescue horses at feeding time  Our delicious Hay donated from Germany being served up !!! Lol you lucky horses xx

For just 1€ a month you can help us to save animals’ life!
Teaming is micro-donations platform where the entire donation goes straight to our rescue centre.
The same price you pay for a coffee !
It’s really easy to make the donation and you can do it anywhere in Europe, click on the following link: