Peseta (mare) is 6 / 7 years old.

She has never been ridden as such but has had someone on her back, she is a very strong horse and needs a lot of gentle patience, although she has been trained on the lead rein with walk / trot / canter.

She walks well on a rope but is a little nervous leaving the herd she has grown up with all of her life.  She has a very inquisitive fun nature and she loves to play (as you can see by her pictures) and loved any attention that was going.

She is desperately in need of a new home a little love and good food. It has been a hard winter for her and the pictures reflect that, with a little trust and TLC she could be a wonderful horse for someone and with a patient trainer I am sure able to be ridden.

If you could offer Peseta a new chance in life please contact us here at APAC Caballos –


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