This is Curro (castrated male) between 12/13 years old & his sister Pippi (mare) between 13/14 years.

Curry had an accident a long time ago resulting in his damaged eye and loss of sight on the righthand side, he has never been ridden but is trained with a carriage alongside his sister or alone.

Pippi has been ridden but not extensively, she is also trained to be driven alongside her brother or alone.

They have both been schooled on a lunge rein quite extensively, walk / trot / canter and are easy to lead on a rope.

They have the calmest nicest nature, very inquisitive and playful, two really lovely horses in need of some TLC, a bit more food and definitely a loving home.

If you can help both or either one of these horses to find a better future please contact us at APAC Caballos:


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