Bruja (mare) 12 years old.

She has never been ridden, was a little quiet, definitely in need of a good home where she could be well cared for – given a good diet, nice brush on a regular basis and a lot of love.

With this combination I am sure she is a horse that could be brought on in the right environment to be a great friend to her owner.

She had gorgeous trusting eyes, and a very calm demeaned, she has the potential to be a very good horse. She has been worked on a lunge rein in Walk / Trot / Canter and walks well on a lead rope.

I hope someone can see past the hard winter she has had and lack of food and help her become a majestic animal again.

If you can offer Bruja a good loving home please contact us at APAC Caballos on Facebook or email us at

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