APAC Caballos

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Press Release





ENQUIRIES –email   apacprotectora@gmail.com or jennwill306@yahoo.co.uk

Mr Punch Coffee Morning

Please join us supporting the APAC Rescue Horses on Friday 13th October – 10am – 1pm

All Procceds to help APAC Caballos Rescue Horses.

Join us for Coffee, Cakes & Savouries. A Stall from the Salamandra Charity Shop, Pat’s famous Tombola.
3€ Tea or Coffee with a Pastry or Savoury Snack.

See you there!!

Tomorrow on Total FM 91.8

Tune in Tomorrow – Total Fm 91.8 – Lock Down Blues Show this Sunday afternoon from 3-8 Spanish time.

Ray Wilcox & Jenny Anne Morrison both helping support APAC Rescue Horses this Sunday. Listen in to hear all about Jenny’s Art Exhibition in November on behalf of the rescue horses 🐴

You will find TotalFM 91.8, from anywhere in the world by using the TUNEIN app. As usual, the no-rule rule applies, so dress for comfort and turn the music up LOUD. It´s a date so don´t be late.




Victoria In Her New Home

Victoria – one of the 46 starving horses we helped feed and one of the lucky ones who were rescued and sent to Holland for adoption. Here she is loving her new life and work ❤️ It made us cry to see her so fit and a good weight full of energy and happy when we think of how she was at the beginning of the year literally starving to death and eating paint off the wall to fill her belly ❤️❤️

Makes all the problems we have finding funding, feeding so many horses and trying to find homes so worthwhile.


TotalFM 91.8 Sunday Afternoon

Lois is on the “Lock Down Blues Show” on TotalFM 91.8 with Ray Wilcox, this Sunday afternoon around 17.00 (Spanish time). Don’t miss her…



Fiestas La Sella, Javea

A huge Thank You to Janis Kathleen Goldring and the organisers of The La Sella Fiestas, here they are presenting a wonderful cheque for 500€ to Lois Ford at APAC Rescue Horses. xx

Peanut & Hufflepuff

Peanut – with her best friend Hufflepuff and our best supporter Pat x

Peanut is the little pony abandoned in Teulada with an old injury of a broken leg left to heal on its own, a specialist is coming to visit her and see if he can help her movements…..we shall see x


Aquí tenemos a Peanut con su mejor amiga y Pat.

Pat nos apoya siempre – es la mejor!!

Peanut es la yeguita pequeña abandonada en Teulada sufriendo de una lesión antigua muy grave – una pata rota no tratada que se habia curado por si sola. Un especialista va a venir a ver si se puede mejorar su movilidad. Esperemos que sí!


Mini Cooper – Felicidades :)

Mini Cooper – the poor pony rescued from Almoines now in his new home with Monica & David our APAC Neighbours. Looking like a dream pony, happy days Mini Cooper I am so happy for you and your new life with all your new friends  xxx

Mini Cooper, el pobre poni que de rescatado de Almoines está en su nuevo hogar con Mónica y David, los vecinos de APAC. La vida por fin va a mejorar para Mini Cooper, tu historia nos ha hecho muy feliz



“Hope” the poor mare picked up in a terrible state from Almoines is having a spa pamper day with the Poni Club Kids.
Sadly the tumour on her neck is not removable and terminal. She is doing fine at the moment but as it grows she will start to loose balance and eventually be unable to stand with dizziness and maybe seizures, eventually she will have to be put to sleep. Sad news but we are making her as comfortable and happy as possible for the moment xxx heartbreaking

“Hope” es una pobre yegua que fue recogida en Almoines y ahora los niños de APAC Poni Club la están dando todo el cariño del mundo.
Tristemente el tumor que tiene en su cuello no es posible extirpar y es terminal.
Ahora mismo la yegua está bien, pero a medida que avanza el tiempo empeorará y la pobre perderá su equilibrio y hay posibilidades de convulsiones. Al final tendrá que ser sacrificada. Pero ahora estamos haciendo su vida lo más feliz y placentera posible.

Ray Wilcox – TotalFM 91.8

Tune In On Sunday to Ray Wilcox – Supporting APAC Caballos.

This Sunday Afternoon – Lock Down Blues Show on TotalFM 91.8, from 4-8 (Spanish time).
The featured album is Ray LaMontagne´s God Willin´& The Creek Don´t Rise. Also, two great chapters from Steve´s Grateful Dead Storybook.

During the show I´ll be telling you about our recent visits to APAC, who are a registered Spanish horse charity helping horses in distress, abused, maltreated and generally in need of care. APAC are situated in La Xara, near Denia on the Costa Blanca.

As well as an eclectic mix of Blues, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Folk and Reggae,
You can find TotalFM 91.8, from anywhere in the world, by using the Tunein app.

As usual, the ´no-rules´ rule applies, so get ready to have a great time from 4 this Sunday. Don´t be late.

Teaming – Just 1 Euro a Month

Teaming – Just 1 Euro a Month

For just 1€ a month you can help us to save animals’ life!
Teaming is micro-donations platform where the entire donation goes straight to our rescue centre.
The same price you pay for a coffee !
It’s really easy to make the donation and you can do it anywhere in Europe, click on the following link:

Por tan solo 1€ al mes nos ayudas a salvar vidas.
Teaming es una plataforma de microdonaciones en el que el importe íntegro de lo recaudado se destina al santuario. ¡Por menos de lo que cuesta un café 1€ al mes!
Es muy sencillo y puedes hacerlo desde cualquier lugar de Europa, sólo tienes que entrar aquí:

Our little baby goat arrived at the APAC Rescue Center thank you to the Techinp boys from the Deep Blue for donating the money to rescue her from being sold as dinner – Adam Stone, Craig Donaldson, Colin Brown and Kenny Manson.

Flor our new arrival making friends with everyone- Hufflepuff is a little confused “your not a horse not a dog? Hmmmmm??”

Nuestro cabrito llegó a APAC gracias los chicos del Technip quienes donaron el dinero para rescatarlo de ser vendido como cena – Adam Stone, Craig Donaldson y Kenny Manson

Nuestro nuevo miembro Flor haciendo amigos – Hufflepuff esta confundida porque “no eres un perro ni un caballo, ¿qué eres?” Jajaja




“Flor” Our New Rescue Baby Goat

Our little rescued baby goat “Flor” arrived at the APAC Rescue Center thank you to the Techinp boys from the Deep Blue for donating the money to rescue her from being sold as dinner – Adam Stone, Craig Donaldson, Colin Brown and Kenny Manson ❤️🐎

Nuestro cabrito “Flor” llegó a APAC gracias los chicos del Technip quienes donaron el dinero para rescatarlo de ser vendido como cena – Adam Stone, Craig Donaldson y Kenny Manson




Sunday morning J Jacobo Rodriguez arrives to treat the long overgrown hoof of the poor little pony abandoned in the street in Teulada yesterday x thank you

Domingo por la mañana J Jacobo Rodriguez llega para tratar el casco de Peanut que fue abandonada por la calle en teulada ayer, muchísimas gracias

The Work Begins

And so the work begins, poor Peanut looking very apprehensive x don’t worry you will feel better soon we promise

Y el trabajo empieza, pobre Peanut que parece aprensiva, no te preocupes, te prometemos que pronto te encontrarás mejor ❤️🐴


Peanut – Newly Rescued.

Saturday’s work- a small pony wandering loose in Teulada no chip and with a damaged back leg. Looks like it was broken or the tendon snapped and it has been left to heal alone, with the hoof then very badly overgrown.
Welcome to APAC, Peanut you will stop being nervous soon and made to feel much more comfortable, J Jacobo Rodriguez is coming to trim your hoof today and a happy bright future is waiting for you ❤️❤️❤️

El trabajo del Sabado – hay un poni suelto por Teulada sin chip y una pierna dañada. Parece que o el hueso o el tendon este rota y se ha curado mal, sin asistencia medica. El casco tambien ha crecido muy malamente.

Bienvenida a APAC, Peanut. Pronto te sentirás mucho mejor y segura. J Jacobo Rodriguez vendrá a recortarte el casco y un futuro feliz y lleno de cariño te espera ❤️❤️❤️

Mini Cooper Spa Day

The newly arrived pony Mini Cooper rescued from neglect in Gandia having a pamper day by the pony club kids 😂😂❤️🐎 All washed and ready to be pampered at the APAC Poni Club Salon – he looks like he is enjoying it hehe.

El poni Mini Cooper recién llegado de Gandía está siendo mimado por los chicos del poni club. Todo limpio y preparado para ser mimado en el Salón Del Poni Club De APAC – parece que está disfrutando 😂😂❤️

The mare “Hope” newly rescued in Gandia making her trip to APAC, a terrifying experience for her.

Please don’t drive past a horse and beep, it is terrifying for the horse and dangerous for the person in charge.

Mare & Pony in Distress in Gandia

A busy weekend for APAC Caballos Rescue Horses removing a poor Mare & Pony from distress in the Gandia area, now newly arrived at the APAC Yard.
All the animals there including numerous dogs were badly neglected, with no vet treatment, very little food and no water in this appalling heat.

The Mare now named “Hope” has got terrible melanoma, a huge abscess on her neck and an infection in at least two of her feet, the pony (Mini Cooper) was a little better.

The local protectora have been taking care of them for approx 3 weeks and they actually look a little better in our pictures than they did when they were first denounced to Seprona.

If you see animals in distress we can’t emphasise the most important step of helping them is FIRST make a DENUNCIA to Seprona in this way the local Protectora can help the animal.

Un fin de semana muy ocupado para APAC quienes han estado rescatando una yegua y un poni por el area de Gandía, ahora son recién llegados en el campo de APAC.
Todos los animales que estaban allí, incluyendo a varios perros, estaban en condiciones horribles, sin tratamiento veterinaria, poca comida y sin agua con la calor que hace.
La yegua se llama “Hope” sufre con un caso terrible de melanoma, un absceso gigante en su cuello y al menos dos de sus cascos están infectados. El poni (Mini Cooper) estaba un poco mejor.
La protectora local han estado cuidando de ellos durante unos 3 semanas y están mejor que como cuando habían sido denunciados a Sepona.
Si veis a animales abusados, no podemos subrayar bastante que El Paso más importante para ayudarlos es hacer una denuncia a Seprona y así las protectoras pueden ayudar a los animales.

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