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Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: August 2018

Iceland Javea – (Overseas Imports SL)

APAC Rescue Horses with our main supporter Pat Mccue and Iceland Staff of Javea who help our rescue horses with events and promoting our charity buckets on their checkouts,  last emptied at a grand total of 106.06 euros 13p and a hair clip ! Thank You Iceland Shoppers!!!

Heatwave & Our Horses

As the temperatures soar in Spain to over 40 degrees our horses are taking naps and keeping cool. Please ensure your horses & animals always have access to fresh, clean, cool (not freezing) water 24 /7 and plenty of shade.

We do receive lots of phone calls from concerned passers-by of horses that are in distress in our field, they do love to sunbathe that’s for sure, but its always good to know people are concerned and we always have to double check lol usually the horses give us a glare at being woken up from a fabulous snooze zzzzzzz

Gordy – Still Looking for his Forever Home

Yes Bartender, id like a Gin & Tonic please and be quick about it….. it’s very hot thirsty work a dogs life don’t you know 😉 – Gordy our rescue puppy still looking for his forever home #adoptme


Looking for a Home.

Desperately looking for a new home 12 yr old unridden mare. Please call Patrizia – +34 676 00 82 13 for more information.

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