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Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: May 2018

Casanova, Paca, Chispa & Xana

    Because every Horse & Donkey should be loved by a little girl once in their life x And our Poni Club Kid Xana makes sure they all are xx

  Porque todos los caballos marecen ser amada al menos una vez en su vida por una niña Y Xana, una de nuestras peques del poni club se encarga que todos lo están xx


Photos by Sara Gonzalez – fotosymascotas@gmail.com



Peanut & Curio

Some beautiful pictures of our little abandoned pony Peanut & her new baby Curio, taken by our IT support Paul Ash from Fresh Frog Design Javea.

Peanut has an old injury on her leg where it had been broken and left to set alone, she was brought to APAC Rescue Centre after being found wandering abandoned in the road and lol and behold a rather chubby Peanut presented us with a complete surprise early one morning last month. And what a fabulous Mum she is to her baby boy Curio short for Curiosity.

Photography Session at APAC Rescue Horses

A Fabulous Morning of Photography for You, Your family, Your Pets and Your Loved Ones!!

Sara Gonzalez from Fotos y Mascotas will be at APAC Rescue Horses Sunday morning 27th May 10-1pm taking her spectacular pictures.
You will be able to choose your favourite shots and purchase them for 3 euros per Foto. The Fotos will then be emailed directly to you, as many or a little as you would like.

A percentage of the price of your pictures will be donated to APAC Rescue Horses to help with their food and care.

Tapas & Drinks available for 1 euro each.

You are very welcome to bring your pets to enjoy this amazing opportunity, we only ask that all animals be on a lead and under control. No pets will be allowed to roam free without supervision due to the high levels of animals visiting, thank you for your Attention 🙂

APAC Events


Sunday 13th May

Fun morning of Face Painting with our Volunteer – Clemency Bedford, come along Meet Our Horses, have a drink and some tapas all 1€ each.
Great Morning out and support the rescue horses of APAC Caballos 🐎

3€ per face paint – all donations go towards the care and food of the horses we help and rescue.

See You Sunday!!!


Felicidades for Desmond & Felipe in their new grassy green spacious foster home.
Many thanks to Fernando our Volunteer who is taking care of them 🐴

Our Blue Boxes!

Rain 🌧 = Mud
It’s that time of year again that we here at APAC all dread – too much RAIN!!!!!

Thank you to Joanne Delay & Pat Mccue for our blue boxes that make it posible to feed the horses in the bad weather. We are so grateful to The Salamandra Charity Shop Javea for buying us the boxes and all of the many donations they given us!!
Thank you sooooo much ladies 🐴

A Few Rainy Days!

After a wet few days our lovely “white” horses now have a lovely mud tinge 😂 keep that sun turned on and dry our field out please

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