APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: December 2017

Fundraising Plea

APAC Caballos Rescue Horse Centre – we are desperatley trying to raise 4000 Euros to enable us to buy a van with a towbar making life more efficient for us in collecting and delivering our Rescue Horses, Dogs, Cats, Food Deliveries etc etc.
At the moment we spend all our time begging and borrowing transport and relying on other people which makes life very slow and complicated.

Having our own transport would make our response time for our rescue horses and animals much quicker.

We are looking for sponsors to help raise this money to buy ths van and in return we will advertise their logo and publish all conatct details on our Facebook Pages & Website.

Thank You on behalf of all of our rescue animals.


Support Our Fundraising

Gordy Looking For A Forever Home.

Gordy having a little snooze in the sun – still looking for his forever home, still a puppy and full of love, lots of energy but so affectionate .
Please message us if you can offer him a new life apacprotectora@gmail.com





Our newest resident, a female grey donkey approx 5-6 years old looking for her forever home. She has a lovely gentle nature very sociable and loves people.
If you have space and are registered to keep a donkey please email us for more information at –



Tack Sale of New & Second Hand Equestrian Equipment

Tack Sale of New & Second Hand Equestrian Equipment

For Rider & Horse. Jodpuhr, clothing, gloves, socks, bandages, rugs, tack, protectors…….. and much much more.
Help support the Rescue horses of APAC Caballos.

Venta de Equipamiento para la equitación

Domingo por la mañana hay una venta de monturas, sillas y cuidados para los caballos de 9am-14pm, ven a vernos!

Venta de Equipamiento para la equitación Monturas, y cuidados para el caballo y jinete de nuevas y de segunda mano
Mayas, calcetines, guantes, vendas, mantas, protectores y muchísimo más.
Ayuda a apoyar a los caballos de APAC!