APAC Caballos

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: October 2016

The Rescue Chickens – Update

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Our New arrivals :(

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Mambo – Escape Artist – No 1!

An update from Mambo in his new home, doing his Steve McQueen antics again. Escape artist no 1  Naughty Boy!

Remember this monkey, broke a few fences in the night, now safely back behind bars! #sorrynotsorry !!






Bakero :)

Here is Bakero our 34 year old half starved, abandoned horse, still very skinny but so totally enjoying his life and our volunteers who take such good care of him 🐴







APAC Day Out!

APAC Caballos with our Farrier and his Partner had a day out of Denia helping an old friend with his herd of horses who all needed some work on their hooves. Jacobo Rodriguez managed to treat 18 horses that day and I am sure they were all feeling much better at the end of the day xxx

Thank You Jacobo for helping APAC help theses horses in need.

Our aim as a charity is to help horses in need, not only the ones we have in our care but horses in need. If you would like to make a donation towards helping all horses, please see our donations page x






Our good friend Paulino Pérez with our favourite horse Dandy, who visited our stand yesterday in the Feria de Asociaciones Denia. 🙂 This is the horse who was in terrible trouble with a colic about to be PTS, and Lois saved him :)) love life x

Nuestro buen amigo Paulino Pérez con uno de nuestros caballos favoritos visitó nuestra exhibición ayer en la Feria de Asociaciones Denia. 🙂 Este caballo quien tuvo el problema con el cólico que casi lo tuvieron que sacrificar pero Lois quien le salvó :))




La Feria de Asociaciones!!

La Feria de Asociaciones!! Denia Sabado 1 de Octobre.



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This is Turka, going through her paces with our Volunteer Barbara, Turka who had never really been ridden due to a problem with her back has been working over the months with barabara to help change her posture and strengthen her weaker muscles and is now doing great. Hopefully she will soon be able to be adopted.

Este es Turka, nuestra voluntaria Barbara la está montando poco a poco ya que Turka nunca ha podido ser montada mucho por un problema de espalda. Barbara ha estado trabajando con ella durante meses para ayudar cambiar su postura y recordar los músculos y ahora mismo va genial. Con un poco de suerte pronto podrá ser adoptada.


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