APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: August 2016


This is Dudoso

He is a 21 yr old gelding and needs a home. He has lived outside most of his life and now desperately needs a new home as his owners just can’t take care. He has a lovely quiet nature but has lived alone for a long time, he has been ridden earlier in his life but not recently.

If you could help offer him a loving home please contact us here on chat or by email at


Many thanks ;(


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This is Pulpi, he is a pure arab horse, 12 years about 1,55 cm tall and has been diagnosed with arthirtis on his right shoulder.
He is in desperate need of a foster home preferably in the Valencia region, with a turn out to help him recuperate from his leg injury, he is currently boxed on livery and needs some space to move and regain his strength, he is not rideable just needs some TLC and a caring home. His owner would be happy to contribute towards his food and vet care.

If you are able to offer this beautiful boy a foster home with a turn out paddock, please contact us at apacprotectora@gmail.com

Thank You x



Total FM 91.8

A huge Thank You to the team at Total FM 91.8 for making APAC Caballos their Charity of the Month 🙂 If you would like to read the magazine online please go to www.totallydifferentmagazine.com

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Meet The Horses Evening

What a brilliant night we had on Thursday with “Meet The Horses” Event, a huge Thank You to our big supporters Pat McCue & Joanne Daley from The Salamander Charity Shop Javea for organising a raffle and raising 205€ towards helping the horses.


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Little Donation :)

We all love Sudacreme at APAC with its multitude of uses 🙂 Thank you so much Wendy Higgins a UK based vet who stops by to give us advice and presents like this while on her holiday. So kind and thoughtful xx Lucio & Casanova very interested too lol


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Lord – Our Blind Horse

Our blind horse Lord going through his paces with our volunteer Annalisa, both doing great and Lord thoroughly enjoying doing some work. Well done both of you x


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Meet Our Horses – Open Evening

Every Thursday Evening 19.00 onwards – Meet Our Horses!

Cada Jueves de 19.00 h – Conoce a Nuestros Caballos!


An open evening every Thursday night, with Drinks and Tapas at 1 euro each to help support and raise awareness for the rescue horses at APAC Caballos. Everyone Welcome.

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This is Bakero, 34 years old and at APAC for over a week now. He is slowly beginning to walk again and be able to move freely after being confined to a stable box, he is very stiff and so desperately underweight but hopefully in time we will see a huge improvement.
We are urgently looking for a sponsor who can help donate towards his 100€ per month food bill and eventually a loving home where he can live out his last years. Please contact us if you can help Bakero at apacprotectora@gmail.com thank you 🐴❤️


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As The Temperature Soars!

As the temperature soars Lucio (the seeing partner ) & Lord (our blind rescue horse) enjoy a cool refreshing shower at the end of the day – pure bliss :)))


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