APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: July 2016

A great day for Tamar, Coimbra & Caganchin representing APAC in a photoshoot for  http://www.myjodybell.com

Raising 250 euros in a kind donation from Jody Bell to help feed the rescue horses.


Chyla 3 Weeks Old Today!

Chyla growing up and BIG – what a lovely cuddly girl she is, 3 weeks old today and loving Sundays when The Pony Club Kids are all there to play and run around with her. Happy Sundays at APAC!

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Mambo In His New Home

We say Goodbye to our rescue Donkey Mambo and happy to have him adopted with his new mum Sarah and waiting for him at his new home is a new donkey friend Lupita :))

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Bakero, our newest poor boy to arrive at APAC Protectora. He is 34yrs old, abandoned and unwanted by his owner and desperately needs some love and care in his last years. If you could offer him a quite loving home please contact us.

Here he is after a week of settling in having his feet trimmed and his teeth filed back to help him eat easier and hopefully gain a little weight to his very skinny frame, poor unwanted boy. Thank you to our Farrier Jacobo and Dentist John and his wife Roberta for all the time you donate to helping these horses be more comfortable.


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Chiyla & Ximo

Our new baby having fun with her new Tio Ximo :))))



See more APAC Movies on our YouTube Channel – APAC Protectora de Caballos.


Chyla – Day 2

Chyla doing fantastically on her second day in this world.

This little girl represents everything to me that all our volunteers and supporters at APAC Caballos work for, saving lives of animals. We can’t help all of them (although we try) but Chyla will grow up smothered in love and care, yes she isn’t a horse or donkey just a mule, that is not important to us, saving her Mum Jessy and now her baby means the world 🙂 Thank you everyone who by supporting the rescue horses, makes a life like this possible. xx


Chyla – Our New Baby

Our first baby born at APAC Caballos! Nuestro primer potro en APAC Caballos!


Just 15 mins ago (1.30pm today, 3rd July) Jessy our rescue horse who nearly a year ago had collapsed in the street from heat exhaustion and was helped by a passer by phoning the Guardia Civil, unbeknown to us was pregnant, has just given birth, out in our field in the mid day sun, with all the other horses taking care of her and her newly born foal :))) well done Bruja for being there and protecting Mum & Baby xx


Hace solo 15 minutos, (13.00 3 Julio) Jessy, la yegua quien se desmayo en medio de la calle quien fue ayudada por una persona quien llamó a la Guardia Civil, acabe de dar luz en nuestro campo junto a todos nuestros otros caballos quien están ayudando a cuidar al potrito : ))). Muy bien hecho Brujo por haber estado allí con Mama y su Bebe xx

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Furia – Before & After

A mare we gave a home to, who had been abandoned in a local stable by her owner. The stables kindly kept the horse and helped her gain some weight as she was so skinny but after proving mentally she was a very complicated horse, and not suitable for work at the stable she came to us. She is much calmer now and learning her paces, she needs lots of patience and love, with a huge amount of understanding, but would make a great horse for an experienced, calm rider.

Furia –  Antes y Después

Una yegua que acogimos quien había sido abandonada por su dueño en una cuadra local. La cuadra mantuvieron a la yegua y la ayudaron a ganar un poco de peso, ya que estaba tan flaca, pero, después de probarla, se dieron cuenta de que era una yegua mentalmente complicada y no apta para clases así que la acogimos. Ahora esta mucho más tranquila pero necesita mucha paciencia y amor, pero para un jinete experimentado y estable, seria perfecta.


Furia 4 small 110 copy


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This is Taima & Capitan, both brought to us separately with sad stories to tell, Taima used as a breeding mare all of her life and Capitan starved beyond belief. They have both found a best friend in each other and are never apart. Sadly Taima is in bad health due to her previous life and apart from keeping her as best we can happy, pain free and content there comes a time when there is not much more we can do, her weight is slowly declining and health not improving ❤️ But here she is enjoying a groom with her best friend and video courtesy of Carmen one of our volunteers who makes sure she is very well loved xxx

Esta es Taima y Capitan, quienes vinieron por separado con sus propios historias tristes que contar; Taima fue utilizada como una yegua de cría toda su vida y Capitán era poco mas que huesos. Los dos se convirtieron en muy buenos amigos y nunca están separados. Tristemente, la salud de Taima esta empeorando debido a como la trataron, y aparte de mantenerla feliz y libre del dolor, hay poco más que podamos hacer, su peso está disminuyendo lentamente y la salud no mejora ❤️

Pero aquí está disfrutando de un cepillo junto a su mejor amigo. El vídeo es de cortesía de Carmen, una de nuestros voluntarios que se aseguran de que nuestros caballos como Taima siga siendo querida por todos.


Taima y Capitan

New Fly Masks

Thank You Anna McVittie for bringing some good quality Fly Masks back from her travels to keep the horses eyes free of irritating bugs! Seen here with our happy demonstrators Lucio & Lord.






Duque con Safiro y Jessy

Safiro and Jessy (soon to give us a new APAC member) with Duque our little rescue dog who was to be put to sleep for biting everyone and is now the friendliest little ratter we have, thanks to Lois’s patience and love, all snuggled up in the lunch. Pictures immanently of our new apac baby we think ❤️

Safiro y Jessy (quien pronto nos dará un nuevo miembro de APAC ), con el Duque, nuestro pequeño perro de rescate quien iba a ser sacrificado ya que mordía a todos quien ahora es el más simpático caza ratas que tenemos gracias a la paciencia y el amor de Lois, están los tres comiendo.  🙂