APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: May 2016

Festival Mascotetes

Festival Mascotetes

Puerto Deportivo Marina de Denia

Sabado y Domingo 4 y 5 Junio


Festival Mascotes

Enjoy being part of history on the 4th of June 2016, together we are going to beat a Guinnes World Record based on the world’s largest amount of dogs with socks. Come with your dog and win a pair of socks for your dog for FREE and also a free present for you!
Come and meet some of the different Rescue Centres that try their hardest every day to help poor badly treated animals.
Remember the 4th of June at 17:00 at the Puerto Deportivo Marinade Denia. More info at http://mascotetes.com/blog

Disfruta formando parte de la historia el proximo dia 4 de Junio, juntos vamos a batir el Record Guinnes a la concentracion mas grande de perros con calcetines del mundo. Ven con tu perro y llevate los calcetines GRATIS ademas de un regalo para ti.
Ven a conocer a las diferentes protectoras que dia a dia hacen una grandisima labor ayudando a los animales desfavorecidos.
Recuerda 4 de Junio a partir de las 17:00h en el Puerto Deportivo Marina de Denia. Mas info en http://mascotetes.com/blog/

Luci & Pim

Luci & Pim, showing the old saying that every Horse should be loved by a little girl once in his life – best friends, relaxing in the early evening at the APAC Yard.


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Pim & His New Head-collar!

Look how handsome Pim looks in his new head collar – great color, APAC Red!

Pim was brought to us for 24 hours to be put to sleep by the vet due to neglect and failing health, numerous appointments had been made at the scrap yard where he was being kept but the owner was never available so he was moved to APAC and the appointment made for the vet to arrive and euthanise him the next day.  But lo and behold the day after he arrived he had a transformation and went from deaths door to suddenly having a reason to live, running around the paddock, calling to the other horses, eating and drinking and gave Lois one of those Thank You so much looks the vet was cancelled. Now he is a good weight and lives happily with all of our other rescue horses, is ridden by the pony club kids and loves his best friend Luci. A huge thank you to Julia Colley who brought his problems to our attention and helps sponsor his care every month xx Incredible story, thank you Julia x



Jessie & her sponsor Pepa

A gorgeous picture of Jessie & her sponsor Pepa Mahiques, thanks Pepa for all your hard work and support!


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