APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: April 2016

Salón Canor – Teulada

Great Day out at Salón Canor in Teulada raising funds and awareness for the APAC Rescue Horses.

Un gran día fuera en Salón Canor recaudando fondos y dándonos a conocer para nuestros caballos de rescate de APAC Caballos.


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Thank You Reece!

A huge Thank You to Reece Marston for buying our donated Prestige Dressage Saddle and helping support and feed our rescue horses here at APAC Caballos – A great picture below of Reece & his amazing horse Dhagoberg who are both recently not only the champions of Almeria but now the whole of Andalucía in dressage at Saint George. Well done with your career Reece, we here at APAC Caballos wish you all the best for your future!



Duque – Brought to the APAC Yard as a last resort, ready to be put to sleep for biting everyone, and now here he is always calm, always friendly – loves the children who visit and always has a nice “Hello”. He works so hard keeping the rats down in the horses feed room, what a good boy he is – just goes to show never a bad dog only bad owners…….. Sadly though he has always had a little bit of a bad leg and Tuesday after scrapping with Prince (well more Prince scrapping with poor Duque) took a nip that nicked his tendon – swift trip to the vet, small operation and a nice cast – get well soon little man 🙁

Snoozy Sunbathing!

What a gorgeous day on the Costa Blanca yesterday, beautiful sunshine and a light breeze – great day for a little snoozy sunbathing ahh Mambo 🙂 Cosmo is like wake up I want to play!!!


Poor Duque

Poor Duque, always had a little bit of a bad leg and Tuesday after scrapping with Prince took a nip that nicked his tendon – swift trip to the vet, small operation and a nice cast – get well soon little man 🙁



New Gates yaaay!

So at last we have lots of new gates to keep the horses and feed room more secure! Thank you to Jo & Pat from the Salamander Charity Shop, Javea who bought our gates and who work so hard helping support the rescue horses here at APAC Caballos and Mitchell for all the hard work installing the gates 🙂 Great Team we have helping take care of all our horses x

Nuevas Puertas

Al fin… tenemos muchas puertas nuevas para mantener los caballos y la comida mas seguros.!! Gracias a Jo y Pat de la tienda de Caridad Salamander en Javea, quienes han comprado estas puertas, y tambien trabajan duro para apoyar y mantener los caballos rescatados de APAC Caballos. Y gracias a Mitchell por el trabajo duro instalando las puertas 🙂 Que equipazo tenemos cuidando de nuestros caballos.

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Mambo & Cosmo

Great Pic of Mambo & Cosmo – Best friends, always side by side.



Feed Room Disaster

Naughty horses – everyone has escaped from the field today (who left the gate open?) and broke into the food store and had a feast!!! Cody you were caught first!!

Caballos malos – todos se han escapado del campo (quién dejó la puerta abierta?), quién entró al comedero? Cody, a ti te pillamos primero!

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Rebellion at the Yard!

I arrived at the yard yesterday parked my car and looked in confusion – no horses in the field! Very strange hurried to open the gate to see where they all were and found this! All the horses had escaped and were tucking into the forage – ohhhh Lois is going to be mad!!! Naughty Horses!!!


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Easter Egg Hunt

A great day on Easter Monday with the kids having a fun time on a modern theme Easter Egg Hunt. All the picture clues were sent to a group they all joined on WhatsApp and an hour later they still hadn’t found all the eggs. Then followed by an egg painting competition – I think Jessie won that, with her bunny egg 🙂


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