APAC Caballos Rescue Horses

Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption.

Month: March 2016

Our Pony Club

Some of our Pony Club Kids enjoying time with Casanova.





Everyone calm and happily munching on lunch. Thank you to everyone who helps feed our horses.

Nina Buschmann (Veterinaria)

Nina Buschmann (Veterinaria) helps on a regular basis, promoting good health and healing to all of our horses. Yesterday she was working with Safiro and he was enjoying his treatment with Kanay assisting 🙂

You can contact Nina through her website Dra. Nina Buschmann (Veterinaria)  or by mobile – (0034) 647 22 32 17



Tito – Gelding

Tito was left temporarily with a shepherd by his owner who never returned, the Shepherd tried his best but Horses trying to eat with a herd of goats is impossible they eat very quickly and a lot, so sadly Tito came to us very very skinny and totally undernourished. He was quite weak, very quiet and is slowly gaining weight a little over the last month. He is still very quiet and is separated from the other horses until he gains some weight and confidence. It will be lovely to see him over the next few months beginning to relax and enjoy life again. Looking forward to your recovery Tito.


IMG_3160 IMG_3159 IMG_3158 IMG_3157

BBQ de Vaquero Marzo 2016

Great day raising over 600 euros from all our supporters and participants. BBQ. Music, Dancing – what a day!

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  • BBQ de Vaquero 2016


Coffee with Mambo our new Donkey

Ohhh what you drinking? Coffee…..mmmmm I think I like coffee…..No you don’t like coffee……Give me some……Noooooooo……..ok Ill just eat you then LOL

Mambo you are one crazy Donkey x

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  • Coffee with Mambo




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Lucio & Lord in Grander Days.

Lord (the seeing partner of our blind rescue horse) & Lord in grander days. If you would like to help support the care and help other horses like these please follow the link below. Many thanks x

Lucio y Lord en días más grandiosos. Si desea para ayudar a mantener el cuidado y ayudar a otros caballos como estos por favor siga el siguiente enlace.

Teaming – APAC Caballos




Our newsiest arrival Mambo!! Welcome to your new home 

Os presento a Mambo. Llego el Sábado!